Shenandoah (1 single Standard Custom Float Bag- IMPORTANT – For a pair please order 2)


1(one) float/storage bag designed specifically for your skin-on-frame kayak. If you need a different size or other features than for Cape Falcon Kayak’s F1 or LPB please contact me or enter your kayak’s measurements below! If you have a standard size F1 or LPB you DO NOT need to enter measurements below. Our standard bag will beautifully fit the bow or stern of standard F1’s and LPB’s.

Please note that each bag is made to order. The “In stock” number below reflects that I have the materials needed to make that number of bags, as opposed to completed bags that are ready to ship.

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Looking for a float bag big enough to not flop around in your skin-on-frame or Greenland kayak? Want it to securely store all your gear too?

We have developed the best float bags specifically designed to be used in Skin-On-Frame kayaks. Individually measured and sized to fit your kayak and built to last a lifetime, our SOF float bags have a unique two-chamber configuration that secures your gear in place during rough seas and capsizes, while helping to fill the spaces between your kayak’s ribs.

These are the only custom-sized storage/float bags on the market. The standard size was designed with the input and assistance of Brian Schulz of Cape Falcon Kayaks to beautifully fit his F1 design. If you need your bags to be larger or smaller just contact me and we will set you up with the perfect match! I make each bag one at a time, by hand, in my home “shop”, of US materials where available (I still need a US supplier of TPU Nylon), using 100% renewable electricity plus being as carbon negative as possible growing trees in our 180-acre forest in New Hampshire.


The Shenandoah has 2 chambers.

  1. The main chamber stores your gear. Fill it up, roll the closure, and slide the bag into your kayak.
  2. The second chamber is on top. Using the inflation tube to fill the floatation chamber locks your gear down to the keel and holds it there as you execute rolls or wet exits. This will turn your gear into ballast and add to the stability and righting moment of your kayak. When the Shenandoah is filled with gear and inflated it will turn itself right-side up like a sailboat with a lead keel. They probably won’t let you fill it with lead at your rolling competition!

Design Features

  • Made of durable 220Denier TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) nylon.
  • Heat-sealed seams are stress-tested along every single inch to ensure a lifelong bond.
  • Perfectly placed and sized inflation tube keeps the tube out of the way while being long enough for easy inflation from outside the kayak. The tube is also placed far enough down to allow you to roll the bag down to clear extra-long legs or place gear outside the bag at your feet or behind your back.
  • Rounded tip to prevent the bag from catching on your kayak’s ribs while sliding in and out.
  • Top-quality 1″ US made webbing and slide lock buckles (same as used on ZPacks gear) on the roll closure.
  • Front pull loop made of 840Denier double-coated TPU nylon for superior strength and flexibility.

Measuring your kayak is easy! We need 3 measurements: the bow length, the stern length, and the width at the center of the cockpit.

  1. Measure the width of your kayak at the center of your cockpit. Try not to wrap the tape around but just go straight across.
  2. For the stern you will need to start your measurement where the kayak is 6 inches or 15cm wide. Do not start at the tip as the bag cannot reach there. Then measure from the 6 inch wide mark to the back of the coaming for the stern bag.
  3. For the bow bag measure from the 6 inch or 15cm wide mark in the bow to the point just below where your feet reach.