We have developed the best float bags specifically designed to be used in Skin-On-Frame kayaks. Individually measured and sized to fit your kayak and built to last a lifetime, our SOF float bags have a unique two-chamber configuration that secures your gear in place during rough seas and capsizes, while helping to fill the spaces between your kayak’s ribs.

Unique design with a gear chamber that is separate from the inflation chamber for security and convenience.

Waterlight Custom Float Bags

Testimonial - Matthew B.

“My wife and I ordered these float bags after building a pair of F1 kayaks from Cape Falcon Kayak. We couldn’t find any other float bag on the market that would be optimal for our boats until we learned that these custom float bags were made specifically for them. We have had them as buoyancy bags for a while now and they are out of sight and out of mind in the boats. They are easy to fill with air, and seem quite robust. We haven’t had the chance to use them hauling gear yet, but compared to the other bags I’ve seen, these seem well-suited to the task. We are very happy with our purchase.”